UX/UI & Website Design

Desktop mockup

Salem Reads is a resource for residents of Salem, Oregon created to help connect people with locations where books can be found. This website was fully executed by a team of three: Casandra Johns, Rodrigo Cabrera, and myself. Everything from content creation to hand-coding the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript was accomplished through remote collaboration.

Tools used:


My main contribution to this project consisted of figuring out how to get all of the JavaScript to work despite the language not being a part of our program’s curriculum.

I dug deep into the Google Maps documentation, and taught myself how to code entirely custom maps that reflect the overall aesthetic we defined. This included altering the color scheme as well as creating custom markers for each location that, when clicked, inform the user of which location they are viewing.

I also created the maps to use Geolocation so that, upon receiving permission, a new dot appears on the map where the user is located, helping to determine which locations they are closest to.

Salem Reads Bookstore Locations Preview the website Salem Reads Map